"The 'legacy' of Mark's inspirational work with complex young people lives on. I heard one of his ex-clients use one of Mark's motivational phrases to his struggling sibling!"
"Mark really 'got through' to some of our most 'stuck' and struggling, young people. He changed their way of thinking to become more positive."
"Quiet, calm and inspirational"
"I referred some angry young men to Mark and the impact of his talking therapies was evident after only a few sessions".
(Lynn Collins, former young people's worker from the Early Break Project)

"Mark delivered four sessions of Appreciative Inquiry training to our staff team. Powerful stuff which had far greater impact on team building than any muddy, wet outdoor pursuits. Staff still talk about this training, five years on!"
(Kiaran Burke, Director, Newbarn Ltd)

"With great skill and perseverance Mark has helped me to deal with various issues and problems that had been causing me much distress. I wish I had sought help sooner as I have found this process to be quite literally life changing and will always be grateful to him."
(Female client aged 63)